Industry, Transport and Services

Digital technology at the heart of your transformation

Using our expertise to enhance your performance

Research, Development and Agility

Helping you transform your R&D organization, methods and tools to make the most of these concepts

Industrial Performance: CMMS

Define your maintenance strategy and its operational rollout

Industrial Performance: Blue Collar Training

Train your employees on a large scale in complete autonomy by placing them in near-real situations thanks to virtual reality

Industrial Performance: MES / Logistics

Improve all production and customer satisfaction indicators through the rollout of MES/MOM

Digital transformation of organizations

Understand digital technology for increased competitiveness and the emergence of new offers and markets

Service Design and Product Management


Stand out via an innovative value proposition, co-build based on customer expectations and conceive projects end-to-end with employees

Field services

Ensure continuity of service of equipment and contribute directly to customer satisfaction

New services

Digital technology is changing the business models in your sector. Transform your services with new economic models

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